Un pennello da pittore Roberto  Proietti Tavolozza di colori

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Roberto Proietti.....Arte e arte

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Biographical notes

Il maestro
Roberto Proietti was born in Rome on 9 September 1959.
He qualified "Maestro d'Arte" in 1978 at the Art Institute Rome 2.
After twenty years of painting experience of countless paintings made using more traditional painting techniques, about fifteen years ago, began to experiment with the use airbrush, a tool used mostly in graphics.
Using the airbrush painting techniques along with the other managed to get emotional that intensity that has always sought in his works.
After so many years, in 2010 and immediately begins to exhibit a large critical acclaim. Since February 2010 exhibited regularly in the most famous galleries in Rome.

Comments of art critics

aerografo su tela Roberto Proietti is an artist who does not hide its high painting skills; he does not hide fact that capacity, very rare today, to perform in an extremely realistic details in an almost photographic.
Starting then from a drawing nothing short of perfect, Project creates works with subjects and modern cuts, then selecting new images and riprendendole in unusual poses.
For example emblematic of this discourse is the picture "NATURA MORTA CON PEPERONE" which depicts a pepper caught just at the moment when it falls into the water. This suspended, like a photograph, captures the right moment in which the body is divided between the air and the water.
The same is true portraits, often made ??with the airbrush, where faces of the elderly or children, in particular appear to be a high stage, with original and unique cuts.
(Daniele Radini Tedeschi)

locandina del gruppo Roberto Proietti lives and works in Rome.
During a twenty-year artistic career where she experiments with various techniques , from oil to acrylic , pastels from water up to use the airbrush in 2010 finds himself with his old high school friends who convinced him to expose , forming a group called " MOSAIC " composed of seven artists who write about him:
I predominance of black and white, light and shadow.
Figures from the strong expressions which reveal an inner torment . Themes raw and individuals seeking to get out of desperate anguish in a tangle of overlapping hands or grab objects , trying to find a lifeline .
The subject is loaded with a meaning that goes beyond its aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship, highlighting its symbolic value .
Behind an exaggerated hyper-realism , very well made ??from a technical mastery excellent, lies the restless mind of the artist who makes art his extreme grip for a release and that becomes the focus of his interior catharsis .
(Laura De Simone, Catia Miniati, Filippo Benavoli, Fabio Corradini, Walter Principali, Nicola Pietravalle)

Expressionist art, sound, mature, true. The complex psychology of the characters, or situations, the observer makes a representation of the whole realistic and sincere.
Very good comparison with the ability to Chiaroscuri and Light. Deserves particular evidence, Furthermore, the elegant aesthetic dimension of the themes of representation, always linearly capable of expression of elegance, Art.
(Alfredo Maria Barbagallo)

We may also be able to understand that there are not capable of Artists formulate ideas of pure aesthetics, but to tell the truth about things.
Roberto does so with a rare form: a great clarity of ideas. Clarity about what that is meant to represent. Clarity on the need of originality of the subject. Clarity on the display module.
So the reality, symbolic or material, it becomes just a story on the real world, but forget about a manhole cover marked, suspended between the leaves, on a statue so immense as to be alone.
An intellectual spoke - many years ago - of "screaming silence", a reclame spoke of how the spaghetti.
Roberto Proietti tells how speak Things.
(Alfredo Barbagallo)

In video you can see all the works produced by the artist in the first months of 2012

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